Democratizing Sustainability for the Fashion Industry

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The PositiveZero Difference

We employ state of the art techniques catered to your apparel needs.

Intuitive Product LCA

Environmental impact measurement for all your products, visualized in the most interprable way possible.

Compliance & Decarbonization

Measure and report your emissions to stay compliant, run what-if scenarios to reduce your footprint.

Cost Optimization

Match industry standards in resource consumption patterns to optimize costs with emissions.

Our Methodology

How PositiveZero Works


PositiveZero ingests your product and supply chain data from your internal systems. Our connector ensures this happens in the most efficient way possible.


An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.


Our LCA engine calculates footprints for each of your products according to the latest data possible. We leverage state of the art sources to get emission factors for your products.


Explore your data and benchmark it with the latest industry standards.


Leverage our analytics dashboard to find the best next-steps and execute them.

We're not just another tool..

We're a part of your sustainability team

Our product ensures your team doesn't have to do any heavy lifting as they make your business climate friendly.
Our excellent support function ensures we're only an alert away from solving your issues.

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